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Software For Property Management

The best property management software provides an integrated solution for rental property investors and property managers to organize rental properties, manage tenants, generate financial reports, and sync and reconcile bank accounts.

Software For Property Management

Stessa is a property management tool that helps investors and managers to maximize the performance of their rental properties. Real estate investors can maximize profits through smart money management, automated income and expense tracking, and personalized financial reporting. offers a full suite of online tools to lease and manage rental property including marketing vacancy, screening applicants, signing leases online, and collecting rent payments. Landlords can manage tenants by keeping information in one place, track maintenance requests, and organize expenses.

Listing a vacant property on is quick, easy, and 100% free. Owners of single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, or condos can easily find a qualified renter. Listings are automatically placed on five of the most popular rental websites such as and to reach millions of qualified renters.

Free landlord features on Hunt include advertising, unlimited photos and property details, online rental applications, eviction history checks for tenants, online rent collection to multiple bank accounts if desired, and exporting payment history. Property document upload, automatic late fee billing, and tenant maintenance requests are three features that are coming soon to Hunt

Innago is designed for all investors and all property types, including single-family rentals, student housing, and commercial buildings. Free property management features include tenant screening with credit and eviction reports, online lease preparation and signing, online rent collection, maintenance tracking, and tenant management. There are no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no contracts to sign.

Hidden charges: Some property management software vendors advertise a free trial, then by the time your property information is uploaded and accounts connected, monthly billing will begin. Be sure to fully research any extra fees or hidden charges, and contact customer support if you have any questions at all.

You can access services expensive property management companies offer but without the hefty price tag. What makes Avail stand out is its ease of use, comprehensive services, and landlord benefits designed to make the renting process hassle-free for landlords and tenants. Rental Manager (Cozy) is a free rental property management software that allows landlords to carry out regular tasks such as collecting rent, screening and communicating with tenants, and handling maintenance requests. They also offer an expense tracking tool to help manage your expenses by property. Landlords can assign each rental to a specific tax category and keep relevant documents like receipts, invoices, bank statements, and more in one place.

TurboTenant is a property management software designed for landlords with up to 100 rental properties in their portfolio. Landlords can collect rent online, utilize rental advertising tools, and store important documents at no additional cost.

Because of the number of capabilities they offer, managing more than one property on TenantCloud might take some time for those getting familiar with the system itself. In the end, you might find a more user-friendly platform with more options and a smaller price tag.

Buildium is a rental management software intended for landlords with a minimum of 50 properties in their portfolio. While it offers the same capabilities as some of the software we covered, you can only use the free trial for 14 days. An account with Buildium costs anywhere from $50 to $460 per month and depends on the number of properties you own.

Similar to Buildium, Appfolio is a cloud-based property management software that requires a minimum portfolio of 50 properties to qualify for their subscriptions. The minimum monthly fee begins at $280 per month, which means a good portion of your rental income will go towards paying for your management software alone.

Zillow Rental Manager is an easy-to-use property management software on a major real estate marketplace. Landlords can post a rental listing on Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads. You can also screen tenants with online applications, e-sign rental leases, and collect rent payments and other fees.

Before investing in RentRedi, be sure to review the differences between RentRedi and Avail. With some key features missing from the former, you may find managing your property with Avail is the more ideal option.

Drive incremental revenue and reduce expenses across your portfolio with an end-to-end solution for property operations that gets you the visibility you need to target inefficiencies and optimize performance.

Protecting both you and your residents, our eRenterPlan policies deliver a multitude of risk protection options and integrate with our compliance management service. Learn More About Renters Insurance

When deciding which of property management software to use, first consider how demanding your needs are. Do you only need to administrate a few properties or do you have an extensive portfolio you need to manage? Also, you need to ask yourself how good your IT skills to see if you may need additional training to use all of the features you need, or whether you could instead delegate this to a professional.

To test for the best property management software we searched for a range of popular options as well as took recommendations from people we know who are already using property management software. We then set up an account to allow us to use the software and tested it to get an idea of how easy it was to use, what sort of features it contained, as well as costs to see how competitively it is priced.

It's not simply that property management software needs to be able to handle documents such as from office software (opens in new tab), but also needs to cover accounting (opens in new tab) needs and financial management (opens in new tab) as well.

Managing tenants and maintenance will also be necessary, as well as screening rental applications, inventory tracking, advertising and marketing (opens in new tab), as well as ticketing fault reports. Some of the best software will also enable communications direct with tenants to provides updates and status notifications as required.

Luckily there are a number of very comprehensive solutions on the market for organizations that need to manage a lot of property units. Many are cloud-based services (opens in new tab), which means you can access what you need from anywhere, such as on the go using your smartphone (opens in new tab).

Positioned as a network of property management services, Buildium is another popular platform for real-estate specialists. It provides a plethora of property management, accounting, business operations and leasing tools.

Whether you own three properties or three thousand, Buildium gives you a quick and easy way to manage and expand your real-estate portfolio. Not only can you use the software to manage maintenance requests and finances, but you can also market properties and find tenants online.

Just like Appfolio, you can accept online applications and screen tenants before drawing up contracts. There are also portals for property owners, home owners, residents and board members, letting you communicate with stakeholders easily.

The software covers community associations, student housing, affordable housing and residential properties. Pricing depends on the number of units you manage, with additional fees for online payments and electronic documents, as well as for tenant screening.

Described as a real-time property management solution, Appfolio provides a range of cloud tools for apartment, residential, commercial, council and student property managers. The software helps real-estate professionals manage assets and financial data, but also attract new renters and clients.

Capable of handling properties of any size, Rent Manager is a flexible and easy-to-use property management platform. It comes packed with an asset management database, integrated accounting, contact management, and work ordering capabilities plus marketing solutions.

Founded in 1969 as Qube Global Software, and now rebranded as MRI Software has been delivering tech solutions for almost half a century. It has also created a sophisticated property management solution, which is used by over 10,000 clients across the world.

Features include billing and invoicing, contact management, maintenance tracking, expense management, insurance management, lease management, tax management, a landlord and tenant database, rent tracking and late fee calculation.

While we've highlighted some of the bigger names in real estate management software, there a number of others which all have their own selling points. Some might be better orientated toward smaller portfolios, others might cover a niche such as holiday lettings, and others might offer special pricing or features. We'll provide a few more to consider and highlight the reasons for adding them here:

FantasticStay (opens in new tab) provides a centralized cloud-based platform for managing real estate, especially where there's a holiday lettings angle. You can manage listings and advertisements from your account, and run them directly on providers such as AirBnB. You can clone properties, have child listings under a parent property, and a lot of features can be automated. It also serves as a communications platform with clients, to ensure you know everything that's going on and can manage bookings. As an all-in-one platform it even has it's own in-built website builder, so you don't need to worry about running the software through another application for the internet.

Condo Control Central (opens in new tab) really takes real estate management to the next level in terms of attention to detail. Not only does it offer a dedicated management panel for all the routine tasks, such as billing, letting, and communications, it can even take care of logging deliveries to your properties, it can even monitor resident parking permits and their use. It also has security features for accessing incident report, key records, and entry requests. There are even Push Notifications available for management staff, contractors, and clients. 041b061a72




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