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Stocking Mature Movie

Pippi Longstocking (original German title: Pippi Langstrumpf) is a 1969 Swedish/West German movie, based on the eponymous children's books by Astrid Lindgren with the cast of the 1969 TV series Pippi Longstocking.[1] The film consisted of re-edited footage from the TV series featuring a new soundtrack. It was produced by Beta Film, one of the German co-producers of the original show, while the Swedish TV series was still in post-production and has never been presented in Sweden. The movie was followed by Pippi Goes on Board, released later in the same year. It was released in the US in 1973.

stocking mature movie

A mysterious young girl, Pippi Longstocking, moves into the abandoned Villa Villekulla. The redheaded Pippi, living alone but for a monkey called Mr. Nilsson and her horse Little Old Man, befriends two neighboring children, Tommy and Annika. Soon inseparable companions, the three youngsters embark upon a series of colorful escapades, which turn the small Swedish town upside down. Local busybody Miss Prysselius schemes to have Pippi put into a children's home, and sets the town's bumbling cops Kling and Klang on her with riotous results.

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"From Saw to South Park, look at what passes for modern entertainment at the movies or on basic cable, let alone on the Internet - this isn't the first blockbuster (or big-budget game, for that matter) to aim below the belt or slather on the salty language. Yes, it's shameless, but also knowingly so, because it actively aims to parody much of both the gaming field and larger cultural zeitgeist's more asinine elements.

"Not only can all help provide insight into children's interests, motivations and the manner in which they consume game content, but the context needed to help steer them towards other, more appropriate titles which might better fit their age range or pique their interest. As with movies, albums and books featuring explicit content, you can help steer kids towards more viable substitutes that are equally compelling for healthier or more constructive reasons."

"Answer: Like comic books, rock-and-roll and film, videogames have long been subject to vilification for their subject matter due to popular misconceptions that they're meant for children, when in fact the average player is actually a mature, discerning adult in their mid-30s.

"Accordingly, there's been a long and storied range of titles featuring graphic and violent content (among other, more mundane subjects and fanciful topics) that speaks to this audience, just as there have been a long and storied range of films and TV shows (see: The Godfather, The Sopranos, every horror movie stocking movie store rental shelves since the '70s, etc.) that speak to moviegoers with more adult tastes.

"BulletStorm just happens to be one of many examples that fall into the category of games for mature audiences, but it's hardly among the more head-turning ones, as those who've played previous outings such as human prey simulator Manhunt 2 can attest."

Deception, especially when used to gain long term advantage, is not, however, associated with the Western hero. When the cowboy hero deceives it is usually to achieve immediate, lifesaving advantage. In Westerns probably the most elaborate deception to achieve immediate advantage was executed by Marshal Wyatt Earp (Henry Fonda) in John Ford's My Darling Clementine (1946). Ford emphasized his hero's cunning to differentiate him from previous movie Wyatts. To outwit the Clantons at the O.K. Corral, Wyatt has two men pose as Morgan (Ward Bond) and Doc (Victor Mature) while, in stocking feet, Morgan and Doc sneak behind the buildings lining the main street to hide in a ditch near the Corral. Wyatt's most ingenious "staging" has to do with his killing Ike Clanton (Grant Withers); Wyatt times their confrontation to coincide with the arrival of the morning stagecoach. The cloud of dust that Wyatt knows the stage will stir up momentarily obscures his location, permitting him to pick off Ike as visibility begins to clear (Cohen 207-209).

Though psychological deception is the stock-in-trade of the heroes in other genres, for decades no Western hero deceived others for long about who he was or what he thought, believed, or intended doing. (Law officer Destry cannot long sustain the impression that he will rely solely on persuasion to keep the peace in Destry Rides Again, 1939.) The main reason that the Western hero eschews pretense is that he prides himself on being who he appears to be. As Robert Warshow observed, the "Westerner [has] an apparent moral clarity which corresponds to the clarity of his physical image against his bare landscape; initially, at any rate, the Western movie presents itself as being without mystery, its whole universe comprehended in what we see on the screen" (47). Most Western heroes are men of few words, and those direct and clear. And as Warshow also pointed out, because the cowboy hero inevitably finds himself in life and death situations his words must not be ambiguous. Others--robbers, rustlers, Indians, women--may deceive, but not the Western hero. And they didn't, that is, not until two John Wayne films changed things.

He hauled himself up the stairs and Mack and I made conversation, rigorously not watching him. Mack wore his fedora and he sat tipped back in his chair, hat pushed back like a reporter's on the old-movie channel. It was the time of day when the light begins to fall sideways and so many of us feel that shifty unease of the day-wane, the urge for consolation and muffling.

On October 16 of their freshman year, he and Tamara went to a movie together. Each month after that, on the sixteenth, they celebrated their "anniversary" with a candlelit dinner at her house. Her parents, a minister and a Montessori teacher we've known for years, absented themselves. I found all this out at a later date.

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