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Best Buy Augusta Maine Store Hours

In-store service- In my area, there are two Bestbuy's, 1st is 0.09 miles from me and the other 2-3 miles away. I bought the Frame TV 65" from the farther BestBuy because for some reason the closest bestbuy didn't want to order it.

best buy augusta maine store hours

1st. Call on Friday- After 2 hours later, they put me on a schedule for someone to come and inspect the tv in order to return it, and was told someone will update me with the time they will come. I got no update so I called and was told the Monday schedule was for to schedule a different day for someone to come. I was upset, so I went straight to the best buy store.

3rd- Went to the store that is 2miles out, thinking it is a simple return specially because I only had the Samsung Frame TV for 2 days. This location has the worst qualified employees any store can have. They had me there for 2 + hours to find out how to send tech guy to my place to inspect the TV for return, 2 hours! 7 different people changing to a registration one after one, nobody can figure it until the last guy who again was confused out of his mind and each time we have to update from start which is extremely tedious. After that long he finally created a work order to send someone over to inspect it. The guy came next day which was yesterday, did his thing which took 5 minute, then reported it to be picked up for a return.

4th- We had to again return to the store that is 2-3 miles away at night, after work, in snowy weather. After we got there, we are like Thank God it is finally over and we can leave this God forsaken store.....NOPE. more problem came up. The manager left us and the return with an employee who isn't even cabple of doing that transaction, she had asked 2 people how to do the transaction after telling the manager she knew how to do. Manager then had to come back and do it herself, the problem happens now, it shows the TV hasn't been picked up from the store yet, the bestbuy that is close to us "still have the TV" at their store. I am livid at this point, we had the TV for almost a week and their system shows it hasn't been delivered yet because of the incompetent warehouse manager at the bestbuy that is close to us. He didn't scan or record the TV when the Installer guy picked it up so it still shows the TV is at the store. Now we are told to go BACK TO THE FIRST STORE WE WENT TO FOR RETURN AND WAS DENIED AT.

I am tired, wasted, and lost for words, I just wanted to return a TV that doesn't can it be this difficult? I will never buy anything more than $50 worth of stuff from bestbuy and that is if other stores don't have it. I will make sure to copy this and paste it on social media and other places I know and is a member of.

Update- I was on the call today for almost 3 hours, bouncing from Geek squad, primary support, appliances, and back to the geek squad, each time updating them of my situation because they can't communicate at all. On top of that, my wife just found out from the store close to us that, they can't do the return because the TV delivery status still shows the tv is at "Baltimore warehouse to be delivered to us" but we already have the TV for almost a week. I don't know what type of service this is, or confusion but the only person left for me to talk to is the President of Bestbuy and this isn't a joke. 041b061a72


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