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Angel Kelly
Angel Kelly

Bioconductor Case Studies Ebook ((BETTER)) Download

Everyday data science is a collection of tools and techniques you can use to master data science in your day-to-day life. There are case studies, tutorials, code snippets, pictures, math, and jokes. All designed as a fun introduction to the world of data science. Some example chapters include, A/B testing to make perfect lemonade, word vectors to improve your resume, differential equations for weight loss, and how a man used statistics to qualify for the Olympics. Life is full of decisions. We, as people, have the remarkable ability to make decisions in the face of uncertainty. We, as humans, have only recently developed the ability to use computers to process vast amounts of data to improve our decision making. This innovation has led to the development of the field of Data Science. This book is written to give tools and inspiration to aspiring decision makers. You make decisions daily and the methodology of data science can help.

Bioconductor Case Studies Ebook Download





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