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Angel Kelly
Angel Kelly

Divided Loyalties Full Movie Download In Italian [Extra Quality]

In the next few weeks, the War Council begins to meet regularly, preparing for the upcoming War. Delenn suggests they use Draal and the Great Machine to locate some of the First Ones who might ally with them against the Shadows. However, the situation becomes complicated when EarthGov sends a political officer from Nightwatch, Julie Musante, who follows Sheridan everywhere. Sheridan has to send Ivanova to use the Great Machine. Not only does she successfully learn about the Walkers of Sigma-957, but she manages to download a copy of a message between President Clark and another wherein Clark admits his complicity in the death of Santiago. Sheridan sends the information to General Hague who leaks it to ISN. In the uproar it creates, Musante is recalled to Earth.

Divided Loyalties full movie download in italian




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