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Rezo Butchers
Rezo Butchers

Zombie Escape Mod for CS 1.6: The Ultimate Zombie Survival Experience

They are still coming after you, and you have nowhere to run to. They are still in their prime, like the cherry on a sundae. They are still the best of a bad bunch. At least that what this game aims to promote. This game is a real time attack zombie game created by Jag Gundersen and his wife Sigrid Gundersen, who is a hardcore zombie fan. They are well aware of the theoretical background of zombies within the likes of Nancy Drew, George Arents, The Kids From 71 and other popular novels, and they added elements to the game that is based on real life scenarios. There are various types of zombies here, and the player needs to think like a real SWAT agent and react accordingly. They will need to make use of the weapons to kill zombies. They will also need to think like a real SWAT agent, and put on their best SWAT apparel to go after zombies in an all-out attack

zombie escape mod for cs 1.6 download

Even with its small size of just 2GB, this game still has a lot of depth. This game is also different from other zombie games in the sense that the game places you in the role of a soldier fighting zombies, rather than as a survivor. With the game, zombies are the main baddie and you have to prevent them from infecting people and destroying the city. It's a solid game to add on to your collection

A city that is in chaos and is being invaded by hordes of flesh-eating zombies. The player has to use guns and other weapons to shoot the zombies. One of the objectives of the player is to survive, and the other objective is to survive with as many people as possible. You may also want to keep tabs on your vitals. It's an intriguing game.




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